• Dog snoods for show and every day use                 
  • Keeps long eared dog's ears clean & dry
  • Hand finished quality in a range of fabrics

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  • Show Snoods in luxury velvet, satin and sequined for that special look
  • Waterproof Snoods for feed times and outdoor use. Practical and durable, available in lightweight 2oz shower proof and 4oz water proof fabrics
  • Summer Snoods, light cool fabrics, fully lined in cotton and polyester to protect ears from grass seeds and other foreign bodies
  • Winter Snoods, made from soft fleece to keep your dogs ears warm and dry in the winter weather, ideal when it's snowy.
  • Quality Selection fully over-locked sewn and hand finished stocks available for medium size breeds such as cocker spaniels, other sizes available to order

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are dog Snoods? 

Snoods are primarily designed for long eared dogs to cover and protect ears from getting wet or dirty and to prevent unwanted foreign bodies getting into ear folds, such as seeds.

Where would I use them?

They can be used for exhibition and practical uses. At dog shows, fancy snoods make that special look for your dog whilst at the same time keeping ears clean, dry and untangled. At home and for everyday use, snoods keep a dogs ears dry, warm and clean for instance at meal times or when exercising on wet or muddy fields…or when the landscape is snow covered.

How do I use them? 

Simply place them over your dog's head, fold the ears under the chin and tuck them inside the elasticated snood. Takes only seconds to put on or take off.

What are they made of? 

Snoods are made from a range of fabrics depending on their use:

Show Snoods are made from luxury soft velvet, satin or sequinned fabrics…to give that wow! factor (you will be amazed at how many people ask you about yours)

Summer snoods come in light cool fabrics, fully lined in cotton polyester

Waterproof snoods come in 4oz water proof fabric…or for lightweight there is a 2oz shower proof fabric.

Winter snoods are made from fleece to keep your dogs ears warm on those wintery or snowy days that dogs seem to love more than us humans ;-)

What about fabrics and sizes?

We change fabrics from week to week to maintain exclusivity. We only use high quality fabrics selected from our fabric suppliers. We stock a range of snoods suitable for medium size dogs such as cocker spaniels. Other sizes are available to order depending on dog size.

Why Troods Snoods?

Trudi has been breeding and showing cocker spaniels for some years. Like many others she saw the need and value of snoods for her dogs, but couldn't seem to find the range or quality that she wanted. So she set about making her own. She selected the best fabrics, then made them up using 100% over-locked machined seams and fully sewn in elastic so that there would be no unfinished edges or exposed elastic to cause tangling of her dogs hair. It was not long before her friends asked her to make for them.

Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved Troods Snoods Mrs T A Anslow


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