All breeds and sizes of dog professionally trimmed and groomed (For showdogs and pets). 

We provide an all in one-in-service which includes if appropriate:

   - Consultation                                           - Bathing/drying
   Clipping, trimming and styling                 - Hand stripping
    - Loose hair removal                                 - Nail clipping
   - Teeth de-scaling                             - Ears Cleaning
    - Anal gland expression                            - Parasite treatment
    -  Finishing Cologne                                  - Bows for Top Knots
A pick-up and delivery (return) service can be arranged, covering Chester, West Cheshire, North Wales, and the Wirral Peninsula.  Pricing for this additional service starts from £10.

 Additional Services

Spa Treatments

Blueberry and fresh vanilla facial; this mild yet concentrated lightly foaming facial cleanser smooths and balances.  It has natural exfoliating activity and is hydrating.  The blend of refreshing blueberry and vanilla effectively removes dirt and debris and reduces tear stains, whilst being kind to the eyes and skin.  This treatment can be used on all dogs - including puppies, and involves a 15 minute gentle relaxing massage, and costs £5

Pawdicure Treatment; Spa fresh bubble bath paw treatment.  Treat your pet to this soothing combination of vanilla and milk-thistle, to calm and revitalize your pet. This pawfect treatment revitalises the pad and nail bed, and is moisturising and vitamin enriched to aid healing of cracked dry paws.  This treatment includes a pad trim and nail clip and costs £10.

 Prices / Opening Times

Prices start at £15 for a wash and blow dry.  Typical grooming sessions cost around £25 to £50, depending on the breed and the condition of the coat.  Giant breeds will be priced on size and weight.  An exact price will be given following consultation and can be given over the telephone.  There is a £10 surcharge for the dematting of coats prior to bathing. 

Payment is accepted by cash or cash card.

cLassie grooming is open by appointment only: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm


If you can not attend please call us within 24 hours of your appointment, as there will be a charge for missed appointments.      

For a FREE consultation or to book a grooming appointment call us on

Tel: 01244 880 000


We stock a range of grooming tools, shampoos and grooming sprays for sale.  Ask in the salon for details.

Grooming Training / Tution

cLassie grooming offers Grooming Training / Tuition.  For details CLICK HERE to visit our Training & Work Experience page   

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